What you wear matters during family sunset sessions!

The best two ways to have beautiful portraits are: Pick the right photographer and pick the right clothing! Simply said.

your clothing choice should never take away from the beautiful faces that are you!

Your BEST visual source for a wealth of ideas is PINTEREST.

My suggestions:

  • No patterns on men/boys - keep patterns light and airy on ladies
  • No black shirts or dresses
  • No bright cool oranges or yellows
  • Men and young boys' clothing looks best as the "neutral" to the scene. Khaki, white, soft blue, or denim are the best.
  • Ladies & young girls - maxi dresses/skirts are simply the most beautiful in the beach setting - HANDS DOWN!
  • Keep it simple, comfortable and cool! Soft, light and bright!
  • Don't be afraid of warm reds, coppers, emerald greens, deep blues, and purples. Pops of color look fantastic at the beach too!
  • Lastly, the session is yours, so wear what you like :-)